The dank memes of 2016

So, I think we can agree that 2016 was a shit year. But, what about the memes? If you’ve seen dans top memes of 2016, most of them could have maybe not have been a meme??? idk u say in the comments. Here are the memes for 2016.

Update: I cAn’T fInD A fRIcKeN PIctUrE Bc ThOsE LOw aSS mEmEs RUINED GOOGLE so heres a list 🙂

ALL I HAD TO SEARCH UP WAS 2016 memes calender IM

btw the Joe Biden memes were the best THEY WERE SO PURE FIGHT ME HARAMBE

So i’m looking at the time rn and i kid u not its 12:45AM LIKE??? WHY WAS THIS SUCH A HASSLE TO BLOG???? right that’s it bye



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