ok so i’m doing this assignment for english which is like we have to create a news magazine on anything we want and the only thing that came to my head was the thing about the WSJ and pewdiepie so fuck now i’m doing that but if you know any shit about it pls tell … More pewdiepie


Sorry i haven’t been on for literally a month, but I got a big question. HAVE YOU SEEN THE FUCKING SHOOTING STAR MEMES THEY ARE AMAZING PLS WATCH 10/10/10 WOULD RECCOMEND I GOTTA LINK >>>>>>>>>>> best fucking meme honeslty fight me this is the one that started it all, but tell me what you think. Thanks and … More Sorry


Sorry I haven’t posted for a while (this is for my 0 viewers) but like so i rlly wanted to summon fairies so i searched it up and my childhood in now fucking ruined like u need to walk into a forest and make a cirlce or some shit and you need to play a … More Fairies


So for this blog I was having a bit of a rough patch of what to do. I decided to do doge, bc like why not?! Idrk if he’s still a meme to some people but i don’t really think he is anymore. Doge is called Kabosu irl and is an adopted 8 year old … More Doge

Is pepe dead????

So sometimes i’ll be like “i wanna yell out pepe” (as you do) and i will bc why not and people will look at me weirdly??? like idk if thats just bc people are like “who the fuck is pepe?” or they’re just like “pepe is dead omg stop” like help pls


Can i say, that when u just rlly wanna good meme instead of searching up tumblr u search up meme on the internet and it comes up with those shitty ones at the bottom of the meme pyramid? like???? no???? no one looks at those memes delet p.s. Those gordon ramsey memes thooooooo